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Отправлено 28 June 2020 - 11:52

Trim Fast Keto foods that are going to really fuel my body and I'm enjoying the taste of them I think that's been a huge I mean I always looked I'll taste of all foods but looking at very specific healthy white choices at restaurants I never used to look at like the lighter menu because I'm like oh I'm sure it tastes like trashed I'm sure it's to sugar so you want to have a snack that is at least two grams of protein - one gram of sugar or at minimum you know four grams of protein - one gram of sugar or 10 grams of protein - no sugar I mean there's a lot of things out there and as you start to really look and pay attention and you will start to see what really is approved snaps it's not super not healthy healthy is not the word but eating fruit that used to be